Waste Recycle

We’ll help solve your waste recycle problems

At Suttons Skips we have a commitment and moral obligation to recycle responsibly. Recycling is a process of turning waste material into a material that can be reused for a new and/or different product.

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When we take your skip bin and the contents we’ll make sure that wherever possible we use the best waste recycle practices. Our recycling is done on the Gold Coast.
What do we recycle?

  • Paper & Cardboard

When recycled, paper and cardboard can all be manufactured back into paper goods including newspapers, paper towels, paper bags, and even toilet paper.

  • Plastic

Plastic gets sorted into various polymers that can be melted down into pellets for manufacturing. Many everyday household items are made from plastic materials.

  • Timber

Can be turned into mulch, plywood, and wood chips.

  • Metal

Recycled metal can be used as construction material, appliances, and even cars.

  • Concrete, Bricks, and clay

These items can be crushed and recycled and used for roads and foundations.

  • Sand

Sand can be reused and sold as landscaping supplies.

  • Green Waste

Makes great mulch for gardening.

  • Glass

Glass can be recycled into bottles, jars, pavers, and bricks.
To help us achieve effective awaste recycleprogram, it is important that you abide by our recycle rules when it comes to what is not allowed in our skip bins.
Please do not dispose of the following items in our skip bins: asbestos, CFC (compressed fibrous cement) sheets, paint, oil, chemicals, empty chemical containers, gas bottles, dangerous goods, nappies, or any other hazardous materials.If you’re in doubt about any material that you want to put in our skip, please give us a call.
We have a special arrangement for waste disposal of concrete, asphalt, green waste, and soil. If you need to dispose of any of these materials, let us know and we will do a special price for you.

Recycling benefits the community in many ways

The trickle-down benefits of a waste recycle program help make a stronger economy and better community.

  • Protects and preserves the environment – cleaner waterways, less landfill, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Financially (local jobs, strong economy)
  • Conserves resources